Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

New Shooter Coming Out…

Here in America it seems like we pervert everything. A phrase that probably originated in the 19th century announcing a new “player” at the craps table has now evolved to its logical and literal conclusion. Except in this game, the object isn’t to win a game of chance, it’s to kill another person.

Today, here in NYC, we had a “new shooter coming out” who was a fucking doctor, and his field of play was a hospital. Seriously, you can’t make this shit up. And yet, past history has taught us that there will be no real outrage – here in the USA this is our norm. Real outrage would spur change, something this country is in no mood for. Oh sure, there will be the requisite hand wringing and “it’s a sad day” bullshit, but nothing will change – because we don’t care. What other conclusion can you come to? This is a country that was impotent to make any change after a classroom of 7 year olds was murdered. A doctor shooting people in a hospital who then sets himself on fire? Welcome to the grotesque carnival we have let America become.