Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed


As humans, we are hard-wired story junkies. We can’t get enough, we are absolutely compelled to drop everything if someone has a story to tell. Got a kid that won’t focus? Tell them a story and they’ll hang on every word. It’s really weird, as if this obsession with stories is somehow woven into our DNA.

In reality, it probably is. Before we were able to write, the only way for humans to pass knowledge from one generation to the next was orally – essentially by telling stories. So the ones with the skills to do so would be very valuable indeed. And the rest of the tribe would have to pay very close attention to the storyteller in order to absorb the lessons being passed down.

And although we love all kinds of stories, it is the ones that involve humans that fascinate us the most.

Every life is a story in the process of being written. Our lives are a tale where we have some influence over the outcome – but ultimately the ending is a mystery that will reveal itself in due time.