Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

You’re Not Fooling Anyone

We all have different tastes – it’s part of what defines us as humans. We are constantly finding new things that interests us (hopefully), often discovering them from someone else. So the equation for this seems pretty simple – we scan our environment for things that seem interesting, we immerse ourselves in the things we like, and we pay little or no attention to the things we don’t like.

But what’s up with all the hate, condescension, and ridicule spewed by trolls for the stuff they don’t like? News flash – If you don’t like it, waste no more of your precious time on it and move on. But to ridicule someone else because they like something you think is shit is the definition of being an asshole. Really? I think we all know what is this about…

There are plenty of things I love that are so ridiculous I sometimes quietly and humorously make fun of myself – but I still own my love for them. I’m well aware that many of them are an “acquired” taste – and that’s OK. I don’t really care what other people think about my personal obsessions, whether it’s art or culture or just ideas. They’re mine and mine alone. Others opinions are irrelevant (unless there is something to be learned) and to even acknowledge them just takes time away I could be spending on something I enjoy. Somewhere along the way I became impervious to assholes.

But let’s be clear: You’re not fooling anyone. You tear others down because you feel small. Period. The real way to make yourself feel better is staring you right in the face. Do something nice for someone else. Think that sounds corny? Try it – you’ve got nothing to lose.

You can thank me by making it a habit…