Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

What Will Save Us From the Meganet?

Let’s start from the assumption that feedback loops created by human input into social media platforms has gotten away from us. Big time.

Even the software engineers that created these algorithms admit that controlling these networks has become impossible. At least by humans.

Just for fun, let’s also assume that everything happening now is an inevitable component of evolution. So we’ve created something that has gotten away from us, and it’s destructive for our survival. Evolution would dictate that, as a species, we evolve a solution.

Well, if the problem is already bigger than we can control, perhaps we might evolve a solution that can handle it.

Maybe that solution is AI. Maybe we have begun to evolve the very thing that will save us. But if it’s part of human evolution and yet non-organic, how would that work?

It doesn’t remain separate, that’s how. It evolves to become us, and we evolve to become it.

Just spit-balling here, folks. I’m a fiction writer. This is what I do.