Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

The Easy Part Is The Idea

The hard part is actually making something out of the idea.

See, if you’re creative, coming up with ideas isn’t that difficult. They’re everywhere, and it’s not that hard to write them down. But let’s be clear – they’re not all good, and the ability to separate the good ones from the rest is often enough alone to distinguish oneself as someone with a vision.

But developing an idea into a fully realized piece of art is another matter entirely.

This is what separates the posers from the real thing, because it’s almost impossible. Lightening may strike once or twice in a lifetime and a piece will emerge fully formed with very little effort. But it’s a fools game to think that this is how it works, and those who believe this are in for some very cruel life lessons.

It’s only when you’ve got an idea that you think is worth developing that the real work starts. The long and often painful grind of figuring out what this thing wants to be. Oh sure, you will have some very gratifying moments along the way that will be much better than fun, and it’s these moments that will keep you going. Because in order to develop something to a high level one must be prepared for some brutally frustrating work.

All the good shit in life is just crazy hard. But if, every now and then, you can pull it off – holy fuck, it’s the best feeling ever.