Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

So, You’re Walking Down the Street and You See a Robot Put on a Cowboy Hat

What do you think? Of course, the first question to pop in your head would be, “Why is a robot putting on a cowboy hat?” but that quickly leads to a whole stream of other questions.

Like, was he designed to put on a cowboy hat? If so, to what purpose? Is it a fashion statement? Can robots have a sense of fashion? If so, why design them that way? Or has this particular robot achieved sentience and is now thinking on its own? If that’s the case, what might he think of next?

Holy shit, could I control this robot if he decides I’m a threat? And why am I referring to it as a “he”? Do robots even have a gender?

And if he or she has the agency to choose to put on a hat, what else do they have the agency to do?

Hmmm, maybe he’s the threat? Just to be safe, I better treat him with caution, even suspicion. He could be dangerous.

Come to think of it, why would a human put on a cowboy hat? I mean, unless they’re a cowboy? As a fashion statement, I guess.

He does look jaunty, even kind of handsome. Looks like he takes care of himself. I think he likes himself in a cowboy hat.

He knows he looks good in it.

It might be fun to have a beer with him.

Do robots drink beer?