Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

Seth Godin Part 1

What Seth brings to this world is simply priceless. He has had (and continues to have) a profoundly positive influence on me. I’ve read a few of his books but mainly I read his blog – not everyday, but often. He always surprises me and makes me think about the world a little bit differently. He shares his unique perspective every day for free. You don’t have to sign up for anything or give him your email address for this privilege, he just puts its out there for himself and whoever else might benefit from it.

As I have said elsewhere, he inspired me to start writing this blog. “If you know you have to write a blog post tomorrow, something in writing, something that will be around 6 months from now, about something in the world, you will start looking for something in the world to to write about. You will seek to notice something interesting and to say something creative about it.” When you look at the process of blogging like this, you realize that there is no downside – only rewards to be gained by being more present and engaged with life.

So on Monday I will have completed one year of daily blogging. On November 6 of last year, he published his 7000 post! That’s almost 20 years of daily blogging.

Like I said, Seth Godin is a very special person, and the world is just a little bit better because he’s in it.

Thanks Seth – I’ll do my best to pay it forward…