Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

Decisions Part 1

Next Monday will mark one full year of writing a blog post every day. I am currently deciding whether I will continue this process, or call it a day on Monday…

As far as I know, maybe 4 people have read (skimmed?) possibly a few posts each. Of course, as I stated when I started this, I wasn’t overtly doing this for other people, I was doing it as a tool for self-growth. I wanted to better understand who I am, and see if what would happen if I set this challenge for myself. I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off – it certainly seemed a little intimidating at first.

I have not only done nothing to “promote” this blog – I have told no one else about it other than my wife, and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t read it. The other 3 people know me and chanced upon it. Beyond the initial “I found your blog,” I never heard anything else from them, so it’s safe to say it didn’t change their life. As Kurt Vonnegut’s character Dr. Swain might say, “Hi ho.”

Seth Godin, who is more responsible than anyone else for this undertaking, talks about how writing a daily blog in public changes your brain. He says it doesn’t matter if it is anonymous, and it is irrelevant whether anyone else reads it. I think he is right – the question is, after “changing my brain” for a year, is it worth my time to continue to do this everyday?

I have to think about this – I am honestly on the fence, but that may be because I haven’t given much thought as to how this has changed me.

I do know this – they’re not all winners, but there are some I actually enjoy going back and reading, and some I find genuinely enlightening. They are very much the musings of a 60 year old man processing what he has done and learned, and deciding how he might want to spend the limited amount of time he has left.