Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

Routine Creates Space for Creativity

So you want to write a book, record an album, paint, create CGI, write code, make shadow boxes, design clothes, make jewelry, start a screenplay, etc. The problem is, you can never seem to find time.

The solution is easier than you think, that is, if you really want it. You just carve out the time for it and then make it a routine. It doesn’t even have to be that much time – but it needs to be consistent.

Because if you find yourself in your workspace with a couple of hours blocked out, something will happen. If you spend the time fucking around not doing anything, there’s your answer right there. You’ve got to actually want it – not just say you want it.

But first you’ve got to give yourself a chance by creating a space for the work to happen, and it can’t be a haphazard thing. It’s got to become a routine, and you’ve got to be committed to it.

Because this is the time where it stops being a dream and starts becoming real.