Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

I’m Old

Yeah – I said it. So fucking what? It is what it is, and all told, I’m still glad to be alive. I’ve already been introduced to death by cancer and sepsis, and as a result of treatment some rather essential parts of my body have said adios and left the building. But did I mention I’m still alive?

So you might ask what could possibly be good about getting old? Just this: I remember everything, which gives me a lot of shit to write about, and quite frankly, an edge over everyone younger. Well – I guess I don’t remember everything – most of my early childhood is a very dim, very ugly memory. But really, even that’s available if I want dig deeply enough. Which I don’t.

So yeah, I know disease and death are right around the corner, and unfortunately, I have no choice but to be ok with that. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but neither do you. This little visit on earth doesn’t last forever folks. So for what it’s worth – enjoy the ride.

It’ll be over sooner than you think.

Let the good times roll.