Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

Present AND Engaged…

If “just showing up” is half the battle, what happens when you show up AND are fully engaged? Things begin to happen, and opportunities start to appear, that’s what. Why does this happen? I think it’s because most people just show up and do what is expected of them. That in itself is not always easy. So when someone isn’t just present – but actively engaged – it really stands out.

Something weird and almost magical happens when you really become engaged with what you do. It almost seems as if your active engagement creates some kind of vortex of energy that begins to draw other people and opportunity to you. I’ve observed this phenomenon over and over again in life.

OK, so what does this mean “to be actively engaged?” I think it’s really just an attitude, a way of perceiving your place in the world. Are you curious and always trying to make things better? Then chances are you’re going to be actively engaged. Your curiosity will always be driving you to learn more, and your desire to make things better will focus that acquisition of knowledge to specific problems you encounter. It doesn’t mean that you will always know how to solve these problems – but the fact that you are actively working to find a solution will set you apart from most. It’s even better if you fail at something, pick yourself up, and start again. Instead of people saying “what a failure,” they will begin to see you as a formidable person. It’s the getting up after failing part that is looked on with more admiration than the winning part. Because someone who can do this over and over WILL EVENTUALLY WIN. Everyone recognizes that failure is a natural part of life. Overcoming failure is an entirely different matter. It’s what champions do.

So, let’s recap. Showing up is half the battle. Being actively engaged moves you up to maybe the 80th percentile. But being actively engaged, failing at some initiative, and then getting back up and attacking the problem from a different perspective? Now you are in the top 5%. Now you are a formidable person.

And everyone wants to align themselves with someone who is formidable.