Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

It’s Like You Never Even Existed

Trigger warning! Dark post ahead…

Seriously, I just did a search of your name followed by “obituary,” and even if I put in the year of your death, nothing comes up. WTF!?

I mean, you did live a life – I know, because I remember, and we shared part of it together. But here’s the reality: unless you left something behind, when you die you assume your rightful place in this seemingly endless parade of humanity – kind of a somewhat meaningless specimen of a life lived that really didn’t seem to amount to much. And if it was more than 25 years ago, much less 50, you may as well have lived in the age of the dinosaurs.

What seemed so grandly important at the time was a giant pile of nothing, and I guess it’ll be the same for me. Hi ho, well, let’s raise our glass to a quick fade to black in the endless halls of eternity.

Meet you there!