Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

And Now For Something Completely Different

I give you the Ross Sisters, from the film “Broadway Rhythm” in 1944. If you start watching this and wonder what the hell I’m talking about, just stick with it. After the bad Andrews Sisters rip-off, they start doing things that Salvador Dali might have imagined in a fever dream. Trust me, the human body should not be capable of doing this. But enough of my blathering, let’s get on with the show.  So without further ado, for your enjoyment, let’s give a big welcome to the Ross Sisters!

Solid Potato Salad.”

I guess this needs no further explanation, but now that you’ve enjoyed our entertainment for the day, I feel compelled to make a few comments.

First of all: How did this happen? These were real sisters, and one of them was 15 years old! WTF!? I mean, at what point did their parents say, “Let’s teach these girls some skills that will take them far in life.” At the risk of stating the obvious, you don’t learn how to do this in a year. No, there were many, many long years of training to get these skills down.

And even with years of training, what are the odds you’d have three daughters capable of this? I have spent my entire adult life going to gyms, obsessively working out, understanding first hand the general limits of the human body, and I’ve never seen anyone who could even remotely pull this off. It’s extremely difficult for even the most ridiculously fit and athletic adult male to walk on their hands, yet at 3:51 one of the sisters proceeds to not only accomplish this feat – she does so smiling with her butt resting on her head and with her feet charmingly cupping her chin – Hoy Hoy indeed! Even if this was animated it would seem weird, but to actually see someone do it so effortlessly they look like they could carry on a conversation at the same time is a one of a kind mindfuck. Your welcome!!

Then there’s the question of where do you go from here? I mean, there was no Cirque de Soleil in 1944 – and it’s kind of a hard act to pull off in nightclubs.

Regardless, for sheer weird entertainment value, it’s hard to top this. Don’t worry, no one will know – go ahead and watch it again. You know you want to.

More Potato Salad please!