Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

Is It Possible To Become Smarter?

It’s an interesting question that is probably impossible to really answer because intelligence is too complex to accurately quantifyBut in general terms, I think the answer is unquestionably yes. 

I just came across this provocative statement which certainly resonates with my experience (which of course doesn’t mean it’s right). But if you’re paying attention life experience can often be a pretty good teacher. The writer is discussing a psychological study on this idea and states:

The key finding is that getting smarter entails doing things that feel uncomfortably hard. Once you’re a crossword champion, by all means carry on doing crosswords for fun. But if you want to get smarter, do something you’re not good at.”

There are so many ways to articulate this profoundly simple idea – this blog is unintentionally littered with them. “It’s important to suck at something,” “Failure is good,” “Get out of your comfort zone,” etc.

Uncomfortably hard.”

That sounds about right.