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Interesting Daily Blog Alert (Part 1)

There’s not a lot of people writing compelling daily blogs out there, so when I find one I want to pass it on. For the record, I’m not sure my blog qualifies as compelling, but hey, it is daily – and I enjoy it.

Marginal Revolution, Tyler Cowen’s creation, is really only the second daily blog I’ve found that I read regularly – not every day, mind you, but my erratic schedule allows me to go on it and binge a few posts at a time. He’s been writing daily since 2003, so there’s a lot to go back and explore.

Don’t be put off by his focus – he’s a highly respected economist who teaches at George Mason University, but his interests and intellect are far-ranging. The depth of his knowledge and his ability to see the threads that connect the complex non-linear system that is our world is staggering.

My admiration for Seth Godin and his daily blog is well documented here – he was solely responsible for inspiring me to write something and make it public daily, and I am forever indebted to him for it. Seth is just a master at making succinct and brilliant observations that “connect the dots“ between different disciplines, offering insights that seem to have a weirdly universal appeal. He’s been posting since 2002, so I’ll never run out of stuff to read.

Both of these daily blogs give you the feeling that you’ve tapped into humanity at its quirky best – I always come away feeling a little smarter, a little more thoughtful, and a whole lot more curious about unknown topics after reading.

So there you go. Read and learn.

You’re welcome!