Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed


Ok – I just finished one of those large scale projects with a deadline that swallowed up my entire fucking life like a black hole for at least a month (ok – that’s a bit of an exaggeration for dramatic effect, but you get the idea). It’s finally done, and while I certainly feel good about it – I have to ask myself: Why on earth do I allow this to happen? Is it really necessary to let work related obligations take over my focus so completely? Surely there must be a better way…

In this particular case I could have mitigated it by starting work on it earlier – and being more on top of breaking it down into manageable chunks, each with their own deadline. But here’s the thing – because my job in the ER is so mentally and physically taxing, when I go home, the last thing I want to do is more job-related work. So I procrastinate and put it off – and we all know what a good strategy procrastination is.

I think better planning is the answer I’m looking for.

Come to think of it – this would probably solve a lot of other problems as well.

Sometimes it’s good to remind yourself how simple the solutions are. The real question is: Why do we choose to ignore it?