Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

How to be a Successful Artist

Hint: You have to make a lot of shit. Like, really a lot.

Let’s put it another way: As soon as you complete one piece, the next day you want start a new one. Better yet – keep a notebook of ideas for new stuff so you have a backlog of projects waiting to be completed.

And if no one seems interested in what you’re doing, all the better. ‘Cause then you get to walk around thinking about these new worlds you’re creating and feeling sorry for everyone who doesn’t get to live like this.

The act of discovery and personal growth is a very potent high.

As a bonus, it’s a buzz with no negative side effects.

Does the world need new art?

Who gives a fuck! I’ll tell you what the world does need. It needs more people creating cool shit.

So yeah – there’s that.