Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

Asking the Wrong Question

Why is CGI in movies so often irritating?

Hint: Why does attempting to recreate acoustic instruments with sampling or physical modeling always fall short of the visceral impact of hearing the real thing?

The answer to the first question lies in the second.

It’s a doomed mistake to use the incredibly powerful digital tools at our disposal to try and recreate known reality.

The answer is to use this technology to create new worlds we’ve never experienced, not to weakly attempt to recreate something we’ve already seen.

With film, you might think, “Well, I’ve never seen a 300 foot tall dinosaur that breathes radioactive fire before.”

Fair enough – IMHO the 300 foot tall dinosaur works precisely because it doesn’t exist in real life. But even in this case, if the CGI doesn’t convincingly create a believable world with its own sense of logic, it too fails.

What we want here is a total immersion in a new reality we’ve never seen before.

That’s what technology is for.

Not to recreate something that’s already been done.