Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

Fuck This

There’s been a lot of posts recently of quotes and even missed days that should probably be addressed.

Struggling seems to be a recurring theme in this post-COVID blog, and that’s what I’m going through. When I look back on my pre-COVID entries, I seem much more engaged on a wider range of ideas. Afterward, not so much.

Did my experience with the pandemic in my ER really change me so profoundly? Yeah, I guess it did. The thing is, I’m still writing a lot of fiction, but after March this blog has become more and more difficult.

I just seem to write about a much narrower range of topics – COVID, mainly. Quite frankly, it bores me, so I’ve actually missed a few daily posts recently (like anyone gives a fuck) because I don’t want to keep writing the same shit over and over.

I do think posting something everyday is useful for me because it’s like using a muscle. If I’m putting sentences together on a daily basis, it primes my writing neurology.

But I should be clear – while this might be good for me abstractly, it’s not really good writing and probably shouldn’t be made public.

So should I hang it up or keep going?

I’ll probably keep going – but let’s keep this on the down-low.

No one really needs to know about this.