Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

Feeling Alive

The act of creating is the time I feel the most alive. I always thought I was compelled to make whatever it was for a reason, but I never really understand what that reason was.

Like pretty much everyone else, I wanted other people to recognize the stuff I made as something special and meaningful – in other words, to see it as I did.

But it’s a mistake to think that you need recognition for the things you do. You do them because it brings you joy, because it makes you feel present, fully engaged and alive.

The act of creating something is the reward, not the stuff that comes afterwards, and certainly not what other people think about it. For the longest time I thought it was the opposite. I thought recognition from others somehow measured the thing’s worth. What bullshit!

The nice thing about understanding all this is that now you understand that you’re not dependent on other people for your happiness and self-worth.

Now, you realize that those things are in your control.