Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

ER Confidential (Part 1)

Core body temp 30 Celsius. That’s 86 degrees. Heart rate of 30. Been that way long enough for the body to recalibrate itself into a coma. Someone noticed and thought it might be a good time to call EMS.

A man goes to his daughter’s graduation, steps away for a moment, comes back and drops like a 200 lb sack of potatoes. Unknown intoxicant. Arrives pulseless. Doesn’t die, but came closer than he’ll ever know. Probably won’t end up being a funny anecdote she’ll enjoy telling.

Car accidents, overdoses, dislocated limbs, subdural hematomas, rape, people near death with so many things wrong you’re not even sure what caused what. Patients handcuffed to stretchers, every permutation of mental illness you can imagine, and some you can’t.

Well, you get the idea.

Just another shift.

Time for a cocktail.