Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed


There are things in life we can not change. Bad things. Cruel things. Unjust things.

Friction occurs in trying to figure out how we’re going to process this stuff. How do you handle the terrible shit in this world that’s beyond your control? War, hatred, violence, racism, the lust for and perversion of power? How do you square that circle?

My solution, one that I’m not particularly proud of, is a two-pronged approach. Focus on the micro and disengage with the macro.

I have control over how I treat the people I come in contact with in my day-to-day life. So I focus on the micro, trying, as best I can, to be a positive influence on those around me. You know, being kind, doing things for others, smiling for Christ sake. Shit like that.

As for the macro? I can’t change world events. Can’t stop wars. Can’t end racism or hate or xenophobia or man’s seemingly endless capacity for cruelty. So I just let it go. Have to. Otherwise I’ll waste what precious little time I have left.

I can try to make life a little better for the people I come in contact with, create some art, and that’s about it.

I can, I think, live with that. At least that’s what I tell myself. Hope you figure out a good strategy for yourself.

Figuring out how to live in this world ain’t easy.