Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

Yeah, This is True

I once lost 48 pounds. In less than a year.

I know – sounds crazy, right? But 100% true. 194 to 146. I only know this because I wrote it down in a journal. The guy who owned a liquor store I went to actually asked me if I had cancer. I remember he looked concerned.

At the time, I said no. Or at least that’s what I thought – little did I know it would show up a few years later. Was it related? Who the fuck knows?

What I do know is this – if you live long enough, shit is gonna happen, and a lot of it won’t be good. How you deal with that is a measure of who you are. Not the you you pretend to be, no, the one you try to hide.

So what’s the point?

Don’t waste time on bullshit you can’t change, and go all in on whatever you think is important.

The ride might be over sooner than you think.