Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

Why Everyone Should Write

Tomorrow I will post the finished version of “The Unwelcome Visitor.” I woke up this morning and realized how it should end and what it was about. But I digress – here’s why you should write: because the process of doing so mandates you learn more about yourself and your awareness of the world you live in. Whether anyone else reads it is kind of incidental. Ultimately it’s for you.

For example, when I started writing this piece, I simply wanted to write some dialog. So I just started it as a conversation between two characters not knowing who they were. Very quickly I realized who they were but had no idea where the conversation was going (which I guess is a good description of any interesting conversation).

But as I’m listening to them talk in my head, it becomes clear what they’re talking about. It’s obviously something my mind is thinking about, even if I’m not overtly aware of it – and that’s the whole point. I’m trying to figure shit (life) out, and writing helps me do it.

It helps me solidify my ideas and see the fallacy of bad thinking. It lets me construct little worlds where I can explore different constructs in my mind.

But most of all it’s fun – and how many things are fun and teach you something about yourself at the same time?