Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

Who Gave Frank Zappa Permission?

Who told him that he could create a new kind of art? (Frank wouldn’t refer to what he did as “art” – but I can). The correct answer is Frank Zappa.

Artists don’t ask permission to create. They just do it. What happens to it after they make it is secondary to the process itself. Some are good at marketing what they do, others aren’t. Sometimes their art resonates with the zeitgeist of the time, often it doesn’t. In the old (but still fairly recent) paradigm, there were “gatekeepers” who determined what the public would see or hear – publishers, record labels, gallery owners, movie studios, etc. Today those gatekeepers have been have been rendered less and less important, replaced by the democratization of the web and the public’s ability to seek out and find what interests them. There are pros and some very big cons with this new paradigm, but that’s for another post.

My point here is this: Don’t wait for some affirmation from an outside force to give you permission to create something. Just do it.