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When To Say Yes – And When To Say No

Hmm… This one can be a bit tricky. I’m inclined to say that one should say yes to any opportunity that is consistent with your vision of where you want to go in your life, but I’m not sure that really covers this topic appropriately. It’s kind of a judgement call based on what is being asked and what your resources are at that time. But this also seems like a weak answer, because…

Sometimes an opportunity can come completely unexpected – it wasn’t something you were looking for, or even something you would have sought out. Perhaps someone saw something in you that you didn’t even see in yourself, and they are in a position to encourage you to develop whatever potential they see. These kinds of decisions require you to be open to possibilities you may never have considered. They require a sort of bravery, a willingness to consider alternative paths that were never on your radar. Sometimes in life you just have to be willing to take a leap and not be afraid.

Knowing when to say no is equally important – it allows you to protect your time for the things that are meaningful to you. But always carefully consider your options and think clearly about what is being offered. There is no penalty for saying yes except finding out that you made the wrong decision, in which case you graciously back out and admit your mistake. Just don’t turn down opportunities because you have never considered them