Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

What We Leave Behind

I have been very moved by the death of Chris Cornell last week. To realize the depth of his suffering and that he ultimately couldn’t escape the darkness that engulfed his life is psychically painful to contemplate. This tragedy plays out daily for those who are wounded by depression, Chris Cornell was not unique in this respect. The loss of any life to suicide ripples through time and effects the lives of all who were touched by the lost. In this case, because his music touched so many, the sense of grieving and need to understand briefly permeates the entire culture in which he flourished.

But over time this focus on his tragic end will fade, and what is left will be the body of his work. He left behind an impressive legacy of a man powerfully driven to create and express himself through music.

I want to link to a couple of moving tributes to him, one is a powerful essay written by Michael Beinhorn that he published on his great blog “How to Save Popular Music” in 2010. The other is a haunting interpretation of “Black Hole Sun” that I found to be powerfully moving in a very unexpected way. Rest In Peace Chris Cornell, you made life better for more than you knew…