Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

Wake Up

This is the most important and interesting time in human history. But the important stuff is probably not on your Facebook or Instagram feed, and it’s definitely not on Television.

It is absolutely not the current president, and certainly not the tragic joke Washington has become.

No, this is the moment in our species history where we begin to meaningfully redefine what it means to be human by manipulating our genome to influence both who we are and who we will become. Make no mistake: this is not science fiction and it’s not something that might happen in the future. It is happening now.

This is the moment in evolutionary history where we are creating what will either be our final existential threat or our next evolutionary step – one that will not be dependent on biology. This is also not conjecture, and if you don’t understand this then you are not paying attention.

Add to this the fact that this change is not linear, it is exponential.

That means by the time you’ve finished reading this short post change will have accelerated since you started it moments ago.

Wake up.

Things already aren’t what you think they are.