Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

Viruses Run Amok

Point 1: The general public’s idea of what is happening in an outbreak (much less pandemic) is very different from an ER nurse or doc’s reality. Virologist’s and epidemiologist’s spend years studying this stuff, but when a contagious virus that’s novel to the population gets loose, the ER is where the rubber hits the road.

There’s a reason why movies show chaos in the emergency department during an outbreak. I thought I understood exponential growth until I actually witnessed it in March/April of 2020. It turned out Washington Heights in NYC during the initial Covid outbreak was the perfect storm for this phenomenon, but I don’t need to rehash that here.

Point 2: COVID & Monkey Pox have no similarities except they’re both novel viruses. Meaning, if you are exposed, your immune system isn’t equipped to fight them off.

I’m starting to see more Monkey Pox cases – but let’s be clear: no one is dying from Monkey Pox. It looks scary, and I’m sure you feel quite miserable, but it’s course is fairly benign.

It’s interesting (and more than a little sobering) to watch these novel viruses spread through a population. It’s as if nature is calling our bluff on unchecked hubris.

Which brings me to Point 3: There is such a thing as knowing too much.