Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed


See them? Look, I’ll make it darker, you said, blowing out the candles.

With no electricity in this squat, after dark, you didn’t have a lot of options for light.

See them now?

Your hand on my shoulder, I could feel your warm breath on my neck as we both looked out the dirty window. Your breath smelled of tobacco. Across the overgrown yard stood an old vacant three-story victorian house that hadn’t been occupied for at least fifteen years. We were on the second floor of a carriage house that sat directly across from it on the same property.

You thought it was a good place to live, what with it being abandoned and all.

Looking at the empty broken windows on the third floor, I thought I saw something move but couldn’t be sure. I started to speak but you squeezed my arm hard.

Shh – be quiet, they’ll hear.

After what seemed like far too long, I realized I was enabling your delusion and stood to leave. Still you sat motionless on the floor, legs crossed, transfixed by whatever you were imagining was happening on the third story of the decrepit structure.

Just as I was putting on my jacket, you whispered,

Wait – the’re here!