Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

Too Much Information

I’m really starting to think that humans aren’t equipped to disseminate the amount of information (good and bad) that we are bombarded with constantly. Case in point: I just had a casual acquaintance come up to me and ask me if I was aware that the moon was “an artificial satellite.” “Pardon me?” I replied…

This was not a stupid person (I’m making a very general observation here). Well dressed, gainfully employed, not under the influence. Yet he believes the moon was “put there” by a third party. Where did he get his information? From the internet of course.

WTF is happening to us? It’s as if we have collectively lost our minds. Were we always this ridiculous, ignorant, suspicious and fearful? Or has the constant stream of information into our brains made us even more so?

Are we each living in a parallel universe, with our own unique reality? Do we in fact now live in an age where we get to choose our reality and make up our own facts to go along with it?

The really weird thing is, if you try to bring science or facts into the dialogue, they only become more convinced of their beliefs (their’s our old friend confirmation bias saying hello). It’s almost enough to begin making you question your own reality…