Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

This Moment

Everything we have ever experienced and all we have learned has led us to this point. What is to come is unknown, and what we hope to accomplish is a dream that may or may not become a reality. All we really have is right now.

Knowing this, we understand that this moment is pretty fucking important and we should make the most of it – but what exactly does this mean?

Well, first of all, I think that simply living with an awareness of the transitory nature of life makes us more grateful for what we have, and that in itself helps us to appreciate the moment. Maybe feeling gratitude to the universe for this moment of life is how we maximize our experience. Because if you feel grateful, it’s a natural reaction to want to give something back – and the effects of that ripple out through the fabric of time.

Paradoxically, achieving a zen-like state where you are not actively trying to do anything, rather you are simply being in the moment, letting it unfold without any preconceptions – perhaps this is the way to make the most of the act of living.

Just letting life happen, and being amazed at the magic of it all.