Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

This Is How Humans Are

First, we either ignore or argue about mounting scientific evidence of some man-made looming catastrophe. This can go on for decades, a century even. When the disaster finally begins to wreak its inevitable damage on a global scale, we will still politicize and deny it as long as possible. No one wants to lose face and admit that they were wrong.

And then, after all is said and nothing done, the cataclysm begins – lives are lost on a grand, ever increasing scale and the earth becomes scorched.

Now what do we do?

Instead of coming together, facing our existential threat and trying to mitigate the damage, we simply acquiesce and submit to our now obvious reality. As if it was inevitable all along.

And we somehow have the hubris to think that we are the masters of our world.

Hi ho.