Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

The Setup

He didn’t see it coming – no one ever does. Sitting there in the clothes he thought made him look good, but I guess that’s what we all do. We never see ourselves the way other people do. Why is that?

It all made perfect sense to him, at least the way she told it. Her eyes never seemed to lie, and god knows he wanted to believe her. But men are such saps, always falling for the dumbest shit. Especially the dumbest shit – they just need to want it to be true.

That’s how life works, isn’t it? We all tell ourselves the story we want to believe, even if it’s one where we lose. All he knew was that right now, he wanted to believe more than anything.

He’d been around though. Enough to know he was probably wrong.

But what’s the harm in pretending?