Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

The Same But Different

Note 1) I never got COVID, even while working through the worst of the pandemic in NYC.

Note 2) I’m now fully vaccinated.

Note 3) I’m still working as a full-time ER nurse, a job I always loved.

I have so much to be grateful for.

And yet – everything is different. Not in a minor way, either. More like, Welcome to your new world. Better get used to it, ‘cuz the old one’s gone and it ain’t coming back.As the pandemic continues to unfold, I wasn’t fully prepared for that. Sure, I knew the world had changed, but the profound nature of that change was surprising. I was so busy surviving my daily battles with the virus at work I never had time to really think too far ahead.

But now, as I approach the anniversary of the pandemic, the landscape is starting to become clearer.

Life as we knew it is really not coming back – at least not like before. Things will improve, but I think we all need to start grieving the loss of our pre-COVID world (maybe I’m late to the game and you’ve already been grieving).

You never really know how good you’ve got it until it’s gone.