Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

The Question of COVID-19 Mortality Rates

We don’t really know is the short answer – but experts are now estimating 0.6%. If everyone was infected, that would mean approximately 2 million deaths in the U.S. Of course, not everyone will be infected – herd immunity kicks in with an infection rate of around 70-80%.

Great Britain and Italy have reported a mortality rate of 14%. Again, because no one is accurately tracking the virus here in America, our numbers are still a moving target.

But even the conservative 0.6% mortality rate resulting in 2 million dead in America is a holocaust. A 6% mortality would mean 20 million dead. And if Great Britain and Italy are accurate, the numbers would be well over 40 million.

In all 8 flu pandemics that hit the U.S. since 1764, the second wave came approximately 6 months after the first one, and it was this second wave that proved to be the deadliest. With the 1918 Spanish flu, one third of all deaths came in a 3 month stretch from September to December of 1918.

But the coronavirus isn’t the flu, is it? No, unfortunately it appears to be more infectious. So what’s the good news?

Sorry, I don’t have any.