Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

The Purpose Of Art

Is to elicit a visceral emotional or intellectual response, to make one see the world in a different way, to spur an internal narrative, to question the limits of what you thought was possible, to elicit wonder, to upset the status quo, TO PROVOKE.

Art should be shocking and mystifying, breathtaking and disturbing – it should engage you. If it upsets you or makes you angry then IT IS DOING ITS JOB. Art is a reflection of life, and everything in life isn’t beautiful. Let’s be clear: You don’t need to be shielded from art with ridiculous trigger warnings as if you could somehow be damaged by exposure to it, and anyone or any institution that attempts to do so is hindering your ability to grow into a fully realized human being. They are trying to control your mind, whether their intentions are good or not.

You do not need to be protected from art. You need to question everything and be exposed to EVERYTHING. It’s a big, bad, beautiful world out there, and it doesn’t give a fuck about your feelings. In order to grow up you’re going to have to take it all in and let go of your fear.

Even though it can be painful and disorienting, doing so allows you to participate meaningfully in life – and hopefully contribute something useful to the world in the process.