Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

The Process Is The Thing

I’m really big into this idea of music as a process rather than music as an activity that leads to a result. It’s like the results being the fruits of the process, but the process being the main thing. You just keep doing it and every now and again you’ll be able to pluck some fruit, but as long as you commit to the process, then…” – Tim Exile

This idea resonates with me on so many levels (BTW, substitute any discipline for the word “music” in Tim’s quote). For most of my life I thought it was the opposite – that what really mattered was the end result. But the older I get, the less relevant that paradigm becomes.

I now have come to believe that what really matters is the idea of BECOMING. This is essentially just another way of framing the same concept.

The process is our journey on our way to becoming who we really are.