Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

The Power Of Suggestion

This has deeper and more far ranging ramifications than might first be apparent.

We experience life as we perceive it.

Do you perceive yourself to be a loser? How about a winner? Depending on your mindset, you are going to interpret your life and the world around you very differently.

How about if someone says something bad is going to happen to you? It could be something as casual as going to a psychic for fun and they say “You are going to die before you’re (pick an age). You may think of yourself as an intelligent, rational adult, and yet..

This is one of the reasons why bullying is so toxic, especially for children – they are already at an impressionable age and their self identity is not yet fully formed. So if you tell a child they’re worthless and won’t ever amount to much, it can have a devastatingly profound effect.

The story we tell ourselves about our place in the world, and who we are, determines the trajectory of our lives.

Use this power at your discretion.