Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

The Myth of Absolutes

I’m afraid I have some bad news here folks – the belief in absolutes shows at best a willful ignorance and at worst a mind incapable of processing the seemingly infinite complexities of life. There is no good or bad, no black or white, no best and worst. It’s all relative to the situation and circumstances at hand. You may prefer to view things in these terms to support your ideas or preferences, but it’s not the way life works.

The idea of absolutes is great for controlling people, and it’s great if you don’t want to be bothered by thinking and figuring things out for yourself. If the choice is black and white, it’s easy – one less thing to think about. I’m as susceptible to the allure of this phenomenon as anyone else. But I long ago realized it is complete, simplistic bullshit. We want to believe it’s true if for no other reason than because it makes life easier. But it’s still bullshit.

Anytime someone makes a black and white proclamation, run, do not walk from this person. You can no longer trust anything they say. Life is hard, there are no easy answers, and you are going to have to think for yourself.

It’s all grey.