Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

The Loss Of Innocence

Can you still remember what it was like to be innocent? I don’t think we ever forget those days – they are permanently burned into our brains; they are the experiences that define who we would become. It’s hard to pinpoint when you lost it, it’s like life just keeps chipping away at it until it’s gone. I would like to think I still retain some degree of innocence, but that may be wishful thinking.

For me it’s usually a song that triggers a memory of how life felt when you were discovering something new. In a split second I’m back in time – I can smell and feel the warm summer night, or the cold winter afternoons that would chill you to the bone. The beautiful crisp fall days and the spring mornings where you can smell the anticipation of summer.

The songs you heard, that provided the soundtrack to the time in your life when anything was still possible. The first time for everything, and how exciting and thrilling it all was.

I can still remember those times, I hope I always will. The memory of how beautiful and magic and fresh life could be. I am honestly happy and more content with my life now than I ever expected to be. But you can’t look back on those days and not be wistful and a little sad.

Reality dictates that you can never go back to that again. It’s okay though – that’s what memories are for.