Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

The Corporatization of America

I don’t hate corporations per se, but I hate what they represent – and I loathe what they have done to culture and society. Let me be a little more specific..

At one time, there used to be family run restaurants all over America. Every town and neighborhood had its own selection, complete with whatever quirky dishes and recipes that were unique to that particular establishment. The concept of corporate fast food franchises didn’t really start to take off across America until the late sixties. Before that every small town had its own burger joint, run by someone locally.

What this meant was that, in order for a local restaurant to succeed, they had to provide something special that you couldn’t easily do at home. And because each restaurant was its own little world, it was unique – whatever they made had stood the test of time and proven itself. This, of course, was a great point of pride for the owners. They knew they had made something special, something you couldn’t get anywhere else, and their loyal customers were proof of that.

But corporations are the opposite of that – everything in corporate franchises is pre-measured and designed to be as blandly pleasing as possible. Recipes are designed in laboratories with maximum profit the end goal. Every last bit of individuality is ground out so as not to offend anyone, thus making it possible to reproduce each serving exactly the same bland fucking way at every goddamn location across the planet. There’s no humanity left – it’s all mediocre. It wasn’t even designed to be great, greatness never even entered into the equation.

And this my friend, is what we’ve done to countless industries in America. Let’s be clear: corporations are not people, regardless of what Mitt Romney believes. In fact, part of their appeal to the businessman is to remove him from liability. The corporation is liable, not him – an important distinction if you get sued for poisoning your customers or stiffing your vendors.

I hate making blanket statements, but here’s one: Any product made by committee sucks. Movies, food, cars – suck, suck, and suck. Great stuff is created by visionaries.

Oh, and BTW – in case you’re wondering – a band isn’t a committee.

It’s a wolf pack.