Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

The Age of Critical Thinking

To a greater degree than at any point in human history, the ability to think critically seems to be our only protection against a virtual tsunami of misinformation. The ability to seek out and understand reliable information may be the defining characteristic of those who move ahead and those who get left behind. What is an example of reliable information? Science is a good start.

Who do you trust? You must only trust your ability to search out reliable information and make your own inferences. Unfortunately, not only is this not easy, it’s also time consuming hard work. Making it even more difficult is the tendency of our own brain to look at information with its own confirmation bias.

Be careful, because your brain is going to look for information confirming what you want to believe. You must look at everything with healthy skepticism. Question everything you are told.

And then when you reach (what you think) is your final conclusion – question that…