Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed


The determination to continue what you are doing.”

This is a very powerful personality trait and is usually, but not always, a positive one. Tenacious people are survivors – they will power through adversity and pain unfazed. To the casual observer they may seem unremarkable – it’s only over time that their true nature reveals itself. They will be the last ones standing. Anytime you have someone who is undeterred by failure, opposition, and disappointment, you are dealing with a formidable person.

However, carried too far, this trait can become a fault. Flexibility and constant reassessment are necessary to control the desire to carry on in a futile endeavor. To the tenacious person this can be difficult to do. It requires judgment, something that may be absent in youth.

But add tenacity to a focused desire to achieve something and you have a lethally effective combination.

Most people give up when the going gets tough. The tenacious person is just getting started…