Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

Taking My Own Advice

When it comes to human behavior, I’m a pessimist by nature. I’ve always felt that humans, left unchecked, will always make the wrong choice – and it won’t be because someone had too much goodness in their heart. The wrong choices will be made because we are fearful, xenophobic, and prone to seeing violence as a solution. The last four years in America have only confirmed this ugly reality.

And yet…

Humans are also capable of creating incredible beauty, both through art and science. They can be generous, loving, and altruistic – and, at their best, possess the potential to change.

So, faced with these opposing truths, where does that leave our faith in humanity?

My gut (and experience), steers me to the former. But I’m choosing to focus on the latter. Because we get to choose how we interpret our world.

Life is too short to always live in the dark; it’s important to enjoy the sun, too. But I know who you people are, and I’m sure you’ll disappoint me again.

I’m just determined not to let you ruin what time I’ve got left.

That’s my choice, and I’m sticking to it.