Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

System Failure

This is an unfortunate perfect storm – I dropped and broke my iPhone for the third and final time, and I’m on vacation. So now I have a shit ton of spare time on my hands with no computer, no tablet, no iPhone and no TV. No books, no music, and unfortunately no blog.

My wife is letting me type this on her iPhone, but understandably she doesn’t want to give up her password. I don’t blame her, god knows what you’d find on mine.

So although I have a personal contract with myself to do this blog everyday, it would appear that Mr. Murphy has made his appearance. Whatever could go wrong did go wrong, but we can at least be grateful that no one got hurt.

So unless I can hijack my wife’s iPhone I’ll be back on Saturday when I get home. At least I can post something on my home computer until I replace mine.

Until then, protect yourself at all times, roll with the punches, and stay safe.