Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

Summer of 1969

School’s out. Sitting alone on a curb, you’re body releases the tension of the day as you’re embraced by a gentle breeze on a balmy summer night. The fireflies are out sending their luminescent messages to each other, dancing in the night air, seeming to say “Hey, I’m over here.” You look at all the houses on your street lit up and imagine the people in them relaxing, watching TV together. It seems peaceful.

Holding a cheap transistor radio you’ve tuned to the local AM radio station, you listen as the DJ starts the next tune. Burning itself into your brain, it carves the scene you’re experiencing into a permanent memory. You start to groove to Crystal Blue Persuasion, imagining you’re in one of those houses.

You’re 12 years old and life is starting to open up like a flower. Sitting here by yourself in the night, for a moment everything seems okay. You listen as Tommy James sings “Maybe tomorrow…”