Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

Submit To The Experience

You were happily going about your life, smelling the roses and trying to live righteously, when suddenly you rudely felt a steel-toed boot up your ass. WTF!? you think, then it all comes rushing back at you. Ah yes, it’s our old friend life saying “Whoa, hold on there, not so fast buster.” Unfortunately, you know that particular voice well, because you’ve lived a while and had the chance to get up close and personal with life’s dark underbelly more than a few times.

You now realize you’ve got to call in a “fixer,” so you do your research on how to best handle this particular problem and who’s the best person you need to contact to make it go away. You make arrangements to meet and set up a date for when the “thing” will go down.

OK, so here’s the point of this post…

Once the plan is set in motion, getting all anxious and nervous about what you’ve decided to do is fucking pointless. You had a problem, you had to deal with it, so deal with it you did. Looking back and second guessing is for pussies. You know what to do.

Pull up your big boy pants, take a deep breath, and submit to the experience.

You’ve got this.