Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed


Well, not exactly. More like sleep-deprived, partly by my own choice and partly because of circumstances beyond my control. See, I work 12 and a half hour shifts in a fucking ER for Christ’s sake. With the commute and time to unwind, this works out to around 6 hours of sleep a night. Not enough – at least for me.

So for 2-3 nights in a row I sleep 6 hours a night. Then when I have my first day off I sleep 9 hours, and continue to do so until I have to work again and I start the whole thing over.

It’s kind of a crazy schedule, but trust me, there are lots and lots of people with more fucked up sleep habits than this. I work with people who are good with 4 hours – and they are always smiling and never complain, under the most trying circumstances you can imagine. I mean never.

So I just do it. I could force myself to go to bed earlier but I don’t. I’m not recommending that you try this at home – it’s probably not good for your mind or body. You know – you’re kind of encouraging the part of your brain that doesn’t want to conform and likes to misbehave.

Whatever, I’m just trying to have some fun and hopefully grow. If my mind wants to wander freely, I let it. It just so happens that it likes to do it at night before I go to bed.

Nothing wrong with that.