Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

Shame On You

To anyone who has deliberately singled out someone new to their job as a target for bullying I say this:

Shame on you.

I’m not talking about the natural rough and tumble of “the new person” integrating into the workplace. I’m talking about willfully trying to make someone fail. For no other reason than to exert your mean-spirited dominance over someone who is vulnerable. Instead of teaching, you have decided to use your experience as an excuse to inflict harm on another person. Really?

It’s one thing if the person in question is incompetent and potentially dangerous. Even then, someone in a position of power hired them, and they deserve a chance to be taught how to succeed before they are forced to fail.

As if we all weren’t vulnerable and inexperienced at one time. What is wrong with you? Did you somehow lose your humanity, or did you never have it to start with?

It’s not too late. If for no other reason than your children need someone to teach them how to succeed in life – and this isn’t how you do it.